Product Description

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Model: S300 M2
Type of machine: Continuous Freezer
Capacity/speed: 70 – 300 l/h at 100% overrun

The Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S300 M2 is designed for continuous freezing, mixing and whipping of ice cream mix and air into ice cream. The freezer is also suitable for scraped surface freezing of other products.

The freezer is produced from high quality materials and engineered to meet strict standards of hygiene, reliability and durability. All parts of the freezer in contact with mix and ice cream are manufactured from stainless materials.

The machine includes the standard design:
– Manual controls of machine functions including overrun, pump, refrigeration, dasher, etc
– Freezer cabinet with detachable side plates
– Mix/air inlet piston pump
– Horizontal freezing cylinder
– Built-in refrigeration system (Freon R404A)
– Safety valve

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer S300 M2.pdf