Product Description

Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S1500 A2


  • Robustdesign
  • Uniform product quality
  • 300-1500 litres (80-400 US gallons) of ice cream per hour
  • Increased flexibility
  • Can handle a wider product range
  • Low product loss
  • User-friendly


Freezing, mixing and whipping of ice cream mix and air to produce ice cream. Scraped-surface freezing of other products.

Working principle

The freezer is a self-contained unit ready to be connected to power, air, water and mix supplies. The ice cream mix is me- tered into the freezing cylinder by a gear pump. A constant airflow is fed into the cylinder together with the mix. The freezing cylinder is cooled by the built-in R404A refrig- eration plant. During the passage through the cylinder, the air is whipped into the mix by a dasher.

The stainless steel blades mounted on the dasher continuously scrape the frozen ice cream from the inside wall of the cylinder. The ice cream then passes to the outlet pump.