Product Description

Manufacturer: TECHNOGEL
Type of machine: Continuous Freezer
Capacity/speed: 260 – 600 l/h at 100% overrun

Continuous production of ice cream with variable volume increase from 30 to 100% with hardness and temperature suitable for extruded ice cream (until -8°C) and/or for filling immersion moulds with semi dense ice cream at -2°C.

Description and features:
The machine is equipped with “Touch screen” for a direct and immediate control of the machine functions:

– Setting and checking the hourly output of ice cream
– Setting and checking the ice cream “Overrun”
– Setting and checking the ice cream viscosity
– Set up and control of the temperature of the ice cream in output
– Self-diagnosis with photographic display indication of the defective part and with description of the cause

One may insert up to 20 recipes with production dates
In the internal lower part, a double-pump pumping group with alternative movement pistons sucks a mixture for ice cream (in liquid solution at 4°C stored in a ageing vat) from the first pump and sends it to the second pump that is larger than the first one, which receives compressed air (quantity adjusted on the control panel), and sends them together, air and mixture, inside the freezing chamber (with high refrigerating efficiency). Here a mixer of hollow type with eccentric shaft in stainless steel and provided with wiper blades, also in stainless steel, by rotating at high speed produces an ice cream of great structure.

Advantages of the system:
Possibility of obtaining an ice cream with volume increase from 30% to over 100%
The set volume increase of ice cream (Overrun) and the viscosity (hardness) are maintained constant from beginning to end of production, even when changing the amount of ice cream produced

PDF – Technogel Explorer 600 Continuous Freezer

Machine Code: 6330

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