Product Description

Manufacturer: ROKK/FIC spa
Model: TMW600
Type of machine: Ageing/Maturation Tanks
Capacity: 660 litres

2 ROKK/FIC ageing/maturation tanks for ice cream production. The tanks have the following features:

– Manhole lids
– Chilled water cooling
– Double jacketed with high-density environmentally friendly polyurethane foam
– Sirum motor
– Double paddle slow-speed agitation
– Butterfly valve outlet
– CIP spray ball

It is used to cool down the ice cream mix and to keep it at temperature of around 4°C; a slow agitation allows the complete aging of the ice cream mix. Cooling down as well as heat dispersion balance are achieved with chilled water. The water flows into a Trapcold panel that is a part of the tank as jacket on side.

Machine Code: 6331

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