Tetra Pak Hoyer Comet R-C1

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This Hoyer Comet R-C1 rotary filler is designed and built to provide the dependability and safety required of machinery for the production of ice cream cups.

The Hoyer Comet R-C1 rotary filler consists of a free- standing stainless steel structure on which the following components are mounted:

- in the lower part of the machine, mechanisms which command the rotation of the rotating table and the movement of the workstations;

- a cup feed unit

- a dosing and filling unit

- a lid pick-up unit

- an ejector unit

A combination of mechanical and pneumatic movements is used to pick up an empty cup from the magazine and put it in position in a slot on the rotating table. The table is jogged to bring the cup into alignment with the operating units listed above, so that it can be filled, packaged and then ejected.


ManufacturerTetra Pak
ModelHoyer Comet R-C1
Serial NumberCMR250101
Stock Number6386
CapacityUp to 40 pieces/minute
Dimensions (cm)110 (l) x 110 (w) x 180 (h)
Weight (kg)375