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Each of our custom built ice cream pasteurisation plants is designed to conform to our customers specific needs. With our many years of experience and knowledge, the plants are the most energy efficient, consistent quality and produce a premium product. All components are sourced from leading global suppliers, such as Tetra Pak and GEA, and are mounted on a rigid stainless steel frame for quick, plug and play-like installation and commissioning.

For non-standard capacities please contact us. We have built customer specific plants for all types of requirements such as; cooling only, one batch heating tank, modular systems, etc.

Working Principle:

The Fincher MIX Pasteurisation plants, as standard, heat the mix to pasteurisation temperature in the vessels before it is pumped via the mix pump through the filter to the homogeniser and then to the plate cooler to chill the mix to around 4°C ready for transfer to your maturation tanks. As an optional extra we also offer heating in the plate heat exchanger for greater efficiency.


– Integral cleaning CIP

– Temperature profile 4°C to 85°C to 4°C

– Tetra Pak pumps and plate heat exchanger

– GEA homogeniser, 180 BAR - 2 stage, with pressure transducer on the inlet

– Mounted on 100 x 50mm stainless steel frame

– Integral control panel

– Water batching system

Available Extras:

– Heating with plate heat exchanger, greater efficiency and prevents burn on in the tanks

– Manifold to prevent cross contamination

– Heat regeneration to recover 45% of the heating energy

– Hygienic Batching for milk or cream

– External powder blending or incorporation


Stock NumberMix 1200 Pasteurisation Plant
Capacity1,200 Litres/Hour
Dimensions500cm x 180cm x 220cm (l x w x h)
FittingsDIN40 process pipework, 1'' (25mm) BSP services fittings
Electrical requirements20kW / 400V / 50Hz
Heating requirements130kW / 95°C water at 10,000 litres/hour with 2 bar pressure
Mains water requirements80kW / 28°C water at 10,000 litres/hour with 2 bar pressure
Chilled water requirements35kW / 1°C water at 8,000 litres/hour with 2 bar pressure