Tetra Pak Recirculation Unit R200-200

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Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer R200-200 is designed for optimal wetting and processing. The efficient mixing system produces homogeneous and lump-free products e.g. for dairy, ice cream, beverage and prepared food applications. The mixer is designed for low viscous products up to 300 cP.


• High capacity

• High shear mixing

• Energy efficient

• Manual level control

• Self pumping

• Compact design

• Low maintenance

• Safe operation

• Low raw material losses

Working principle

Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer R200-200 is designed for circulation over an external batch tank. The machine comprises a mixing tank, a belt-driven turbo unit located in a pump housing at the mixing tank’s centre outlet and an optional control system.

The heart of the module is the turbo unit, consisting of a rotor and perforated stator. In addition to mixing and dispersing, the unit also provides pumping functionality.

During circulation over the mixer, powders and liquids are added manually to the mixer. The process continues until all products have been added and the mix is homogeneous.

The rotor draws ingredients into the mixing unit, pushing them out through the holes in the perforated stator.

During this process, impeller wings at the bottom of the rotor subject the product to high shear. As the mixing unit is placed beneath the mixing tank, the product will pass the mixing unit at least once.


ManufacturerTetra Pak
ModelRecirculation Unit R200-200
Stock Number6390