2015 Tetra Pak S1500 Continuous Freezer

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The Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer S1500 A2 is designed for continuous freezing, mixing and whipping of ice cream mix and air into ice cream. The freezer is also suitable for scraped surface freezing of other products.


- Robust design

- Uniform product quality

- Increased flexibility

- Can handle a wider product range

- Low product loss

- User-friendly

Working principle

The freezer is a self-contained unit ready to be connected to power, air, water and mix supplies. The ice cream mix is me- tered into the freezing cylinder by a gear pump. A constant airflow is fed into the cylinder together with the mix. The freezing cylinder is cooled by the built-in R404A refrigeration plant. During the passage through the cylinder, the air is whipped into the mix by a dasher.

The stainless steel blades mounted on the dasher continuously scrape the frozen ice cream from the inside wall of the cylinder. The ice cream then passes to the outlet pump.


ManufacturerTetra Pak
ModelS1500 Continuous Freezer
Serial NumberZ1421036
Stock Number6383
Capacity300-1500 litres (80-400 US gallons) of ice cream per hour
Gas typeR404 A
Dimensions (cm)240 (l) x 80 (w) x 200 (h)
Weight (kg)1250