Tetra Pak R200-200V High Shear Mixer

Tetra Pak R200-200V High Shear Mixer

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This Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer is designed for a wide range of applications in the dairy, beverage and food industry. The unit is designed to ensure an efficient and reliable mixing process.

The efficient mixing system produces homogeneous and lump-free products, ready for further processing.

The main component is a vacuum mixing tank with a turbo unit, located in a pump housing at the centre outlet of the tank. The turbo unit with a rotor and perforated stator ensures optimal wetting and processing. Mixing under vacuum de-aerates the product and reduces foam-related problems. The vacuum is also used to drive powder/liquid transport into the mixing tank below liquid level. This ensures optimal wetting of powders, improving mixing and promoting product quality.

Main components

• Vacuum vessel

• High-shear turbo unit with water-flushed seal

• Vacuum system

• Funnel for addition of minor ingredients

• 2 liquid/powder inlets

• 1 product inlet


• Sight glass

• Flow meter


ManufacturerTetra Pak
ModelR200-200V High Shear Mixer
Serial NumberT5845706037
Final product, l/hUp to 15,000
Circulation, l/h18 - 25,000
Viscosity, cPUp to 300
Mixing temperature (no vacuum)Up to 90°C
Mixing temperature (vacuum)Up to 70°C