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Gentle treatment of the milk, to avoid damages to fat globules, is an essential requisite that ANDRITZ SEPARATION separators can guarantee, thanks to the optimised design of the feeding apparatus. When full skimming is required, high skimming efficiency is a must and the ANDRITZ SEPARATION separators are designed to ensure, that under optimal feeding and process conditions, the residual fat in skimmed milk is always at the lowest possible level, i.e. less than 0.05%. Milk fat standardisation with ANDRITZ SEPARATION cream separators is made possible thanks to the built-in standardising apparatus that allows the manual adjustment of the fat content in the skimmed milk. The whole milk is fed under pressure, through a closed piping. It is then gently introduced into the bowl through the feeding pipe and the distributor and starts rising through the rising channels. Due to the centrifugal force and its higher specific weight, the milk is forced towards the periphery of the bowl while the cream concentrates in the central part. Both skimmed milk and cream rise along their respective paths and reach the two centripetal pumps that discharge them out of the separator. The solids that are also subject to the action of the centrifugal force are forced towards the periphery of the bowl, they accumulate in the solids space and are automatically discharged at pre-set intervals. - Serial number: : 14076


ManufacturerAndritz Separation
ModelCA 21 T
Machine Code6317
Type of machineMilk Separator
Capacity/speed (Full skimming)2,000 l/h
Capacity/speed (Standardisation)3,000 l/h