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This Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer B400-2500VAA for beans and vegetable spreads is the best solution for mixing products in this category. Designed to give the quality our most demanding customers want as well as being cost-efficient by utilising the ingredients to the fullest. Cooking, grinding, mixing and cooling all in one mixer leads to fast batch times and enhanced flexibility.

The heating/cooling options in combination with the dynamic HS mixing head and double-shaft agitator make it possible to produce and almost limitless variety of different beans and vegetable-based products such as:

- refried beans

- hummus

- pesto

- vegetable spreads

- and more

It allows you to product a mix of any desired quality, whether it needs to be coarse, smooth or whether particles such as pieces of vegetables or herbs have to be blended in. This mixer is designed to give optimal mixing result over and over again.

Highlights: - Double-shaft agitator.

- Patented dynamic HS mixing head - for variable shear, ideal when dealing with shear-sensitive ingredients or applications. Mix or gently blend all in the same unit.

- Easy process scale-up and precise replication of product quality.

- High level of flexibility to produce the widest range of products.

- Fast ingredients intake, based on vacuum, for both oil and powders.

- Sanitary execution due to large manway and bin lifter.

- Rapid mixing, high capacity and using ingredients to the fullest leads to optimal production costs. Working Principle:

Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixers B400-2500VAA for beans and vegetable spreads are designed for a batch production set-up. Variable shear, high shear mixing or gentle blending are all possible within the same unit, with our patented dynamic HS mixing head. Variable shear is ideal when dealing with shear-sensitive ingredients or applications. Additionally this gives a high level of control over quality parameters such as droplet size, product texture, appearance, taste and mouthfeel.

Intake of both liquid and powder ingredients into the mixing vessel (not directly into the HS mixing head) creates a pre-blend and eliminates the need for a pre-mixing process. There is an ergonomic execution for adding ingredients with a bin-lifter and large manway.

An automatic opening lid on the top and a bin lift system allow you to introduce larger ingredients in an efficient sanitary way, and the double-shaft agitator ensures that the product flows correctly around the tank for an even distribution of the particles. A cooling/heating jacket enables you to heat ups or cool down your product.

A fully automatic CIP system ensures fast and low-cost cleaning via strategically placed spray balls.

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