The ice cream training webinar organised in association with Tetra Pak was hugely successful. Over 60 people registered to take part and we have received encouraging feedback on the webinar and for the full training programme which begins on 27 October.

If you missed it, a slightly shortened recording is here.

As the presenters explained, the training course is not a sales exercise and will cover the principles and practice of production, irrespective of the equipment used.

It is an opportunity to share in the experience of the team that operate one of the World’s leading development centres for ice cream and to learn about new and upcoming techniques and technologies.

The planned programme is as follows:

27th October - Mix Preparation Part 1 (3 hrs)

3 November - Mix Preparation Part 2 (3 hrs)

10 November - Continuous Freezer Part 1 (3 hrs)

17 November - Continuous Freezer Part 2 (3 hrs)

4 December - Ingredient Doser (3 hrs)

*26th January - Market Trends (1.5 hrs)

*2nd February - Vegan & Sorbet Production (3 hrs)

(*Some later dates may be subject to change but participants will be given ample advance notice).

There are no restrictions on the number of people who can join the programme in each participating company, which helps make the £600 fee per company extremely good value.

If you would like further information on this unique training programme - or are ready to register - please don’t hesitate to get in touch.