Product Description

The Tecnofreeze IF100 Ingredient Feeder is designed for controlled injection of a wide range of particulate ingredients into a continuous flow of ice cream. Candied fruit, fresh fruit, fruit concentrates or free flowing granulates, like chocolate, nuts and nougat can be added at a preset volume and gently mixed with ice cream.

Manufacturer: Tecnofreeze
Model: IF100
Type of machine: Inclusion/Ingredient/Fruit Feeder
Ice cream capacity: 300 – 2000 litres/per hour
Ingredient capacity: 15 – 140 litres per hour (depended on ingredient and dosing screw)
Hopper capacity: 40 litres


Total installed power: 1.5 kW
Electrics: 400V / 50Hz / 3 Phase

Weight: 270 kgs

For further details please view technical document:

Tecnofreeze IF100 Ingredient Feeder Technical Sheet

Machine Code: 6340

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