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Product Description

Manufacturer: ROKK Processing
Model: RFE1200
Type of machine: Continuous Freezer
Capacity/speed: 300 – 1200 l/h at 100% overrun
Year of manufacture: 2012

The ROKK Processing RFE continuous freezer series has been designed for easy installation and increased mobility in the factory.

The range boasts uniquely designed high efficiency ‘Veloce’ barrels that are capable of cooling an entering ice cream mix to ultra-low temperatures in a matter of seconds. As a result of this exceptionally quick ability to freeze, the machines ensure that ice molecules don’t have time to form, producing a hard, dry and luxurious end product each and every time.

The machine includes the following:
– Electromechanical control of machine functions
– Twin-piston mix inlet pump
– Horizontal freezing cylinder with multi dasher
– Built-in refrigeration system (Freon R404A)
– Set of high efficiency sterile filters for sanitary air

Machine Code: 6308

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