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TEKNOICE is glad to present this freezer with an exclusive and innovative design which is the result of a notable experience, acquired during years in ice-cream field, and energies spent in search of latest generation systems of control, with the aid of the top quality instruments which are now available on the market. The result is a freezer with built-in refrigeration, which ensure high performances, precision of control and easy to clean and maintain, for production capacity up to 400 lt/hr. Features: – High flexibility in production – High quality materials to grant sturdiness, strength and long endurance. – Accurate design, studied to have easy access to the parts subject to normal wear and tear, for quick maintenance. – The shell-and-tube water condenser can be opened and cleaned (both mechanically and chemically). – Frigorific semi-hermetic piston compressor (which can be open for technical intervention in case of breakdown), more reliable and efficient than an hermetic compressor. – Pneumatic regulation of freezing barrel’s pressure. – Possibility to fine regulate the hot gasses. – The utilization of a double piston pump (patented) gives the following advantages: • cheap and easy maintenance • no need to use an extraction pump • easy and precise measuring of mix and air quantity introduced into the freezing barrel • possibility to accept mixes containing fruit pulp, even with small seeds or fibre • no direct contact between pump body and pistons – High performance refrigeration system. – Prepared to be connected directly to the plant’s compressed air circuit as already equipped with oil separator, carbon filter, sterilising cartridge and condense-discharge filter. – Energy saving. All our products are conceived to obtain the maximum energy saving and the best ratio production/capacity/energy consumption. – All our freezers follow the E.E.C. standards, the hygienic and anti-pollution rules in force.


Serial NumberFR101214
Machine Code6350
Type of machineContinuous Freezer
Capacity/speed150 – 400 l/h at 100% overrun
Working Hours2330