Our maturation tanks provide the perfect solution for any ice cream manufacturer looking to store and age during ice cream production.

We have a large range of capacities available and come as standard with an industrial gearbox and motor for slow speed agitation. All the tanks are fitted with a water jacket with pressures up to 8 bar and 5 year guarantee on the jacket.

Standard capacities:

– 300 Litres

– 600 Litres

– 1200 Litres

– 1800 Litres

Non-standard capacities we can supply range from 150 Litre to 2400 Litres.

Features: – 8 bar chilled water jacket – Slow speed 30 rpm mixer

Industrial motor/gearbox Anti foam inlet and CIP spray ball PT-100 or NTC temperature probe

Digital temperature control with options to control the mixer by timer.

24 volt output for jacket control

Lid interlock sensors

DIN50 outlet valve 5 year guarantee on tank jacket

Optionals available:

Jacket on base and sides (standard is base cooling only)

Freon cooling

– Single or Manhole lid (standard is twin opening lids)


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